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Lisa Stocker 20/06/2018

AFRESH PAD is lovely ,when i opened it i couldn't believe how fresh it was and how long it lasted for . and it didn't make you itch too

Savanna 15/06/2018

This is a game changer!!! the best pantyliner ive ever used! I've been out at a concert for 5 hours and i still feel fresh

Melissa Henderson 09/06/2018

I love how they smell and they DO make you feel fresh!!

Helen Williams 05/06/2018

Love them! They feel really fresh and it lasts until the next change.

Charlotte Graham 04/06/2018

Brilliant product smells fresh and feels like you havnt even got a pad on will deffo be purchasing them in the future.

Xuena You 03/06/2018


Janice Vance 26/04/2018

Got the day pad as a sample and loved it I found the sensation to be more cool and refreshing rather than tingling. Will definitely be ordering these. Great product.

Alicja Jagielska 14/04/2018

Excellent!!5 stars product , really fresh filling. I highly recommend this company and the products they selling.

Kirsty 12/04/2018

I was very surprised by these, didn’t think I would like the feeling of the tingling and was unusual at first but got used it and it did indeed leave me feeling fresh. I’m giving 4 stars as I thought the daytime pads were a tad bit on the long side.

Stephanie Johannes 12/04/2018

Excellent product, and would recommend it.

Andrea Summerson-Crew 11/04/2018

I found these pads great. They are comfortable to wear. Highly recommend.

Megan Forrest 01/04/2018

They are the best pads in the world the sent is wonderful to they are brilliant.

Katarzyna J. 12/03/2018

I would like very recommend Afresh Pads. Good quality and nice smell.

Lorraine 08/03/2018

Really comfy had no problems at all with them.

Anon. 06/03/2018

Great product I would recommend Afresh to any woman as they are comfortable.

Stephanie Lee 02/02/2018

Comfortable feeling, stays in place and keeps you fresh. Good product.

Rahma Said 02/02/2018

A fresh person every morning. I loved how comfortable and natural I felt.

Vivi Pamphile 03/01/2018

Great. a really great product.

B P & V Stoker 01/01/2018

Fantastic quality and very refreshing !

Mag Ambroszkiewicz 18/12/2017

The best pads I ever used.Since I discovered this company over a year ago I do not buy anything else.

Purplepainkiller 07/12/2017

Excellent product! I felt fresh and love the fact that the pads are all natural 🙂

L4dY 03/10/2017

I used the night use sample and have to say since I had my baby a few months back these are the only things I found that bring me some comfort! When I first used one I was alarmed at the tingling sensation but this quickly easies off the smell is lovely and I will definitely be purchasing. Thank you.

Keri King 20/08/2017

I tried the night pad as a sample and I liked the freshness and feel. The only downside would be the 6 wings. Found the 4 at the back a bit fiddly and unnecessary. Won’t stop me from trying them again though.

Alison 13/08/2017

Amazing falling in love . So dry all night feel so fresh.

Rachel 29/07/2017
wow the smell as soon as packet open is so fresh/minty . within a short time the ingredients began to work it was more of a glowing sensation than a tingle but it was not uncomfortable . the panty liner kept me feeling fresh for as long as I wore it and worked well. highly recommend ..
Marie 03/07/2017

I got the free sample and love them. I felt fresh much longer than with usual pads. Wait what am I saying, these are now my usual pads.

Sandy 29/06/2017

Finally found a perfect product! Fresh,lightweight and beautifully packaged.Keep me feeling confidantly fresh all day long.

Carrie 27/06/2017

I was a bit wary not having used this product before but i was pleasantly surprised your product advised about the tingling but that wasn’t unpleasant just a bit strange to start with but i found that it did cut down on odour and was quite a good protective product like i said earlier i was pleasantly surprised.

Susan 19/06/2017

Excellent product. I received these as a free sample and will certainly be buying them. I am a sufferer of Lychen Sclerosis so was a bit wary of using them during a flare up but, WOW, after the initial tingling (which I found to be very pleasant and soothing) I really liked them as they gave me a lot of relief. Well done and keep up the good job.

Emma 07/06/2017

These were nice to wear to a degree, but I wouldn’t use them again due to a too overpowering sensitive feeling whilst using them.

Rossina 04/06/2017

Felt fresh and comfortable all day.

Catherine 03/06/2017

Nice and refreshing! Unlike anything else currently on the market.

Donna 03/06/2017

Fresh feeling, fresh smell and superb absorbency…. perfect!

Oz 02/06/2017

Finally I found what I am looking for. I used to use herbal pads I bought from Asia. But I couldn’t get that pad anymore. About couple weeks ago I tried to google it, again and again, I couldn’t find it. Then few days ago I got an email about this company giving free sample of herbal pads. Since that day, I think I wont buy anywhere else.

Jennifer 01/06/2017

Wow, I only ever write truthful reviews here goes… I ordered the sample pack as thought got nothing to lose I only really needed the liners just to keep dry and fresh, I opened the box to find 2 liners and 1 towel I passed the towel over too my daughter (13) who went to use it within a minute of using it she said mum It feels strange and weird and a slight cold burning sensation. It got too much that she had to change back to her normal brand.
i wear liners every day I like to feel fresh well fresh I certainly was ,after the initial cooling sensation which was like a tingle lasted for about 20mins not uncomfortable just a bit strange (which I think my daughter felt) the liner lasted all day. The only down side to them was wrapper is a bit loud and hard to get into if trying to keep things private in a cubicle and the overall smell was like a ‘vick’ /peppermint smell which you could smell when you go toilet but not while you are wearing them around. There didn’t cause me to sweat down there some other brands have I worn them outside in the heat to see if the tingle started back up again with weather changes and glad to report it didn’t. I actually felt confident and fresh in them. Thank you

Kerry 12/05/2017

Love the smell of these, i did struggle to open the pack but can understand why they need to be wrapped up like this. Very strange sensation when wearing but all good.

Natalie 04/05/2017

They are a good pad but the cooling sensation is a bit strange at first. Wouldn't want to wear them all the time though.

Tracey 03/05/2017

Great felt do fresh

Geo 27/04/2017

I have been using Afresh pads for a while and i can say that they are really protective, they did keep me feeling fresh, I would say a first time user might experience some tingling sensation but it will pass, plus it always felt comfortable, always left with a pleasant fragrance, I would certainly recommend Afresh Pads they are presented well in it's packaging and does a great job in keeping me fresh.

Becca 21/04/2017

Afresh products are like a breath of fresh air, they give you confidence and give you that just showered feeling all day long. I have been using Afresh products on a daily basis for quite a few months now. Pants liners daily and sanitary pads when I am on my period. Wish I had discovered these products years ago. So much better than the rest of the sanitary products on the market and very reasonably priced.
Would totally recommend to others.
Thank you Afresh
(One Very Happy Customer)

Kt 21/04/2017

I love the fresh feeling it gives when I'm on my monthly. What use to be a very uncomfortable time. This has made it somewhat more bearable. I gave it 4 stars as there is always room for improvement.

Lynn 21/04/2017

I would recommend Afresh Pads they are very comfortable and very hygienic. I will only use these pads from now on. Excellent product.

Alyson 21/04/2017

Had a trial pack of these , best I have ever used .
So fresh and not over priced .
Excellent customer service .