What makes Afresh Pads different?
Afresh pads are uniquely designed to give women the much-needed freshness when wearing a sanitary pad or panty liner. Using herbal extracts, Afresh Pads also naturally create 99% anti-bacterial effect, discouraging bacterial growth and relieving from itching.
Why do I feel cold and tingly when wearing the pads?

This is because of menthol, an organic ingredient obtained from herbal extracts. It activates the cold-sensing nerves, making the local area go numb or tingle. It provides a sensation of cooling by activating a human protein – TRPM8 – without any actual fall in temperature in that area. This brings down the inflammation in the area.Menthol can also increase local blood flow, which is called vasodilation. Blood carries fresh nutrients to repair the area and also carries away any toxic waste.

Why do I feel a warm, glowing sensation?
As the area is sensitive, some women may feel a slightly warm, glowing sensation, or even “burning” sometimes. You can be safe in the knowledge that your body will adapt in a few hours and truly appreciate the pad’s herbal powers, leaving you feeling cool, fresh and protected.
How do Afresh Pads handle menstrual odour?
The menstrual odour is normal and usually mild, but it is unpleasant. Menstrual fluid is filled with bacteria, vaginal mucus and tissue. Our mission is to eliminate odour-causing bacteria, not masking odours with chemical scents. Each pad contains an ideal blend of natural extracts which flow naturally through the pad’s special layers, resulting in a 99% anti-bacterial effect.
Where can I purchase Afresh products?
Afresh pads are only avaialble at our own web store (www.afreshpads.com).
Do I pay extra for postage?
FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER £5. We currently do not deliver outside the UK.
Are Afresh Pads Cruelty Free?
We are extremely proud that our products are not tested on animals. We have adopted a permanent non-animal testing policy and our production process is 100% cruelty free and suitable for Vegans.
How can I write a product review?
You can write a review at Trustpilot.com, on our Facebook Page: FB@Afreshpads.com, or @AfreshPads on Twitter. You can then claim a 20% off discount code from us in return.